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Our Mission


Provide athletes and coaches trusted advice that allows them to achieve excellence in sports and life; empowering them in a safe and open environment; and establishing and maintaining mutually rewarding relationships.

Our Vision


Enable athletes and coaches a skillset that allows them to make good decisions in achieving excellence.

Our story

Strong foundation for young athletes

BOSWA ALLIANCE's executive team has a passion for helping aspiring and professional athletes achieve excellence.

Our credentials: a former U.S. Marine, a Mental Health Counseling Professional, and a Best-Selling Author on Education.

We have a partner network of some of the world's leading sports camps and sports boarding schools. We provide guidance on profile optimization, good leadership principles, and steps to financial freedom.

BOSWA ALLIANCE is built on trust, integrity, and leadership. We understand challenges athletes encounter that could side-line a promising career.

We're scoring for your future!

Winning Shot


Executive Profiles

BOSWA Alliance - Stan Beeks 2.jpg



Founder & CEO

BOSWA Alliance - Barbara Beeks photo_edi


Barbara BEEKS

Director, Advisory & Safeguarding Manager

BOSWA Alliance - Dr. Stephen G. PETERS 2


Dr. Stephen G. PETERS

Director, Alliance Network

BOSWA Alliance - Katia CIESIELSKA photo.



Independent Advisor

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