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Frequently Asked Questions

I live outside the United States and want to send my child to a camp in the U.S. What’s the process?

  • An associate will contact you and collect information to tailor a bespoke program for your child;
  • The associate will assist with camp identification, registration, and placement.

Do you offer chaperon services?

A reassuring Yes! Representatives are available to travel the globe ensuring our clients a safe and rewarding experience.

Where are your partners’ sport camps and sports boarding schools located?

  • We have a global network of leading camps and boarding schools;
  • We will recommend the optimal place, ensuring the best experience and value.

What type of financial advice do you provide?

  • BOSWA ALLIANCE has partnered with one of the leading, global financial advisors;
  • Our advisor is independent from BOSWA ALLIANCE and focused on providing our clients with advice leading to good financial decisions for her/his career.

I’m a professional athlete and seeking to acquire residential and commercial properties in the U.S., how can you assist?

  • BOSWA has partnered with a leading property consultant, helping our clients acquire appreciating assets;
  • Our partner is independent from BOSWA ALLIANCE, focused on providing our clients with best-in-class service.

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