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Adjusting to Our “New Normal”

As many areas are beginning to reopen as a response to the toll the pandemic has taken on the economy and people’s desire to get back to “normal,” we are quickly learning that normal must be re-defined. Life as we once knew it will never be the same. We all must learn to adjust and cope with the various changes necessary to stay safe, healthy, and prevent an upsurge of the virus.

Those with underlying health conditions or compromised immune systems need to remain vigilant and continue to stay home to limit contact with other people. Continuing to practice social distancing and wearing face masks are also important in helping slow the spread of the virus.

To help cope with our “new normal” we need to make every effort to manage our anxiety and fears about the unknown by taking small steps that may have positive effects on our mental and physical well-being. Every day, we need to make the choice to have a positive mindset and to avoid negativity at all cost. We can accomplish this by being grateful for what we have and by embracing even the smallest thing that brings us joy. Helping others is another way to keep us positive and make us feel good about ourselves.


Although it is easier said than done, we need to work hard to manage our stress, especially since chronic stress can compromise our immune systems. One way to decrease our stress is by limiting our exposure to the constant updates on COVID-19. Of course, we need to stay informed, but overstimulation of negative information only leads to higher levels of stress and anxiety. Staying on a schedule and finding an outlet that works for you and your family can help maintain a sense of control during these turbulent times.

Even though it can feel overwhelming at times, we must remain faithful, hopeful, and incorporate small steps to help us cope with our “new normal”.

Sincerely yours,

Barbara BEEKS

Director, Advisory & Safeguarding Manager


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