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Homelessness in the Wake of COVID-19

As many as 40 million Americans could lose their homes from the economic fallout of COVID-19. This is four times the amount suffered during the Great Recession. Countless people are negatively affected because they are unable to manage the extraordinary circumstances of this pandemic. Even before this crisis, support systems were already struggling providing shelter for the homeless and meeting the needs of our vulnerable population.

According to various research, individuals are facing one of the most severe housing crisis across the country, and as moratoriums expire, people are grappling even more to pay their rents and mortgages. Unfortunately, people of color are especially vulnerable to threats of eviction. Without government intervention, many will find themselves homeless, escalating their feeling of hopelessness. Regrettably, temporary fixes are not enough during this pandemic. Long-term government intervention is needed ensuring adequate housing for people in need, especially when schools are reopening (in-class and virtual learning) helping provide safe homes for our children.

During these unprecedented times, it is essential we find equitable and healthy solutions to cope with the insurmountable stress we are experiencing! Even in these times of social distancing and other restrictions, it is vital that we maintain social connections with others and care for our mental health. To decrease feelings of isolation, we can reach out to our friends and loved ones virtually allowing us to stay socially connected and safe. Checking on elderly neighbors and family members is another way to help us feel valued and relieve some of our own stress. Showing empathy, as well as practicing self-care are important strategies that can help us all get through this crisis together. Barbara BEEKS Director, Advisory & Safeguarding Manager


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