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Protecting your athletic and coaching career starts here!

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Can you afford not taking steps protecting your sports career?



trusted advisory services to athletes and coaches by partnering with

leading sports academies and financial advisors.

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No athlete or coach is born a legend. Many rise from extreme hardship and poverty to achieve greatness.

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Get started with an initial consultation


During initial consultation, an advisor discusses with the coach or athlete (if the athlete is a minor the advisor talks with the parent/caregiver) identifying their specific needs.  Based on information gathered during the session, the advisor develops an action plan to enable the athlete or coach achieve their specific goals (this is included in the 30-minute consultation fee).

Recommendations could include attending sport camps/clinics, sports boarding schools, and/or connecting the athlete or coach with a BOSWA ALLIANCE partner to address specific areas, such as finance, well-being, or personal branding .  The advisor assists the client with the identification and registration of these services (costs included in the initial consultation).  Costs for camps/clinics, sports boarding schools, or other services are the responsibility of the client.

* Our fees exclude:  taxes, camp / boarding school fees, accommodations, transportation.

JUNIOR (ages 11 - 17)


  • 30-minute consultation includes:

    • Evaluation of athlete's aspirations and performance goals;

    • Assist with sports camp / boarding school selection and registration;

    • Keys to success; and

    • Post-program check-in with parent/caregiver and athlete.

  • From €199 *


ADULT (ages 18+)


  • 30-minute consultation included in JUNIOR services, plus:

    • Building and protecting your brand;

    • Financial prudence; and

    • Post-program check-in session.

  • From €299 *


PRO (professional athletes)


  • Consultation included in ADULT services, plus:

    • Performance evaluation;

    • Goal setting;

    • Action plan; and

    • Post-program check-in sessions;

  • From €399 *



  • Customized services for individuals or groups from attending the world's leading sports academy, participating in sports clinics, to international engagement services, including travel companion, and mentoring programs.

  • Fees based on value-added services.*


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