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Geneva, Switzerland


A true male role model and Leader is one who comports himself with dignity and self-discipline on a daily basis. Stan is the epitome of this! Strong man, soft heart and absolute diligence. The kind of man from whom all young boys and men would immensely benefit. As a single Mother, I know this because of the profound impact he has on my sons.

BOSWA ALLIANCE Testimonial - Nthisana PH


Roodt-sur-Syre, Luxembourg


I met Stan Beeks about 10 years ago not long after he arrived in Luxembourg and he has been like a brother to me ever since. Despite the age difference and the fact that we grew up on different continents, we share many mutual values like punctuality, perseverance and common sense. Thanks to Stan’s guidance and advice, I have accomplished a lot in my life and I have become a better person.


Apart from being a good friend, Stan is my favorite hiking buddy. During our weekly hikes, we challenge each other and constantly push our boundaries in order to progress both physically and mentally. Stagnating is never an option!


Stan is extremely reliable and he never gives up. It goes therefore without saying that his newest venture “BOSWA Alliance” will not only be very successful, but it will also have a life-changing impact on the careers of the professional athletes he will accompany. His leadership is really inspiring and gets people to reach their goals.

BOSWA ALLIANCE Testimonial - Dieter PUTZ




I met Stan almost 10 years ago now and we’ve worked a couple of years together on various projects for different companies. 
Stan has always demonstrated great professionalism and he is always doing the « job » to deliver the best to his working partners.

He is very reliable person, he is passionate and fan of many sports, and no doubt that all these qualities combined will permit to positively impact the careers and the life of the ones who will decide to work with him.

Anyone who will benefit from Stan’s experience and guidance, will definitively progress in his domain but will also grow up as a person. And will gain a new friend for life.

BOSWA ALLIANCE Testimonial -Pierre GUERA

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